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So why a Guild?


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Guild Concept:

The guild talbard should be worn out of respect for the guild.

As in all things new, we in Magestri are trying a different approach to guild management than most. First and foremost, we firmly believe in supporting our junior characters. Notice I didn't say members. How on earth would I be able to keep up with each individual person who plays, as well as, how much time they have behind the keyboard.

Having said that, our guild is open to anyone who wishes to join, share in our friendship, and community. The level of the character is not important to us. Most of us started at lvl one also (it is said that Thuggon was born a 60).

Another positive difference in Magestri is the promotions system within the guild. Basically, once you have established yourself as a part of the team, you can become an Officer and invite new members to the guild. This is a basic part of our guild at this time. When or if we become too large, the invitations privilege may be removed. However, until then, invite away. As for promotions to Officer, it simply takes time in the guild. If you have been in for a while or are a senior character (40+) you can simply ask for promotion to Officer.

** Once you reach level 60 the game will change for you. You may want to join another guild to do the "End Game" instances and to be able to group better with your fellow 60's. This is totally fine. Magestri is basically a farm team, for the majors. To run a 60's guild takes alot of time and effort, I truly salute those who do it and do it well. I simply don't have that kind of time. Magestri will continue to host all of my Alts, and should be a great place to level for yours as well.

Our Mission

Our mission is to boldly go where no guild has gone before....

Whatever, LOL. We just want to foster a enviroment of teamwork and guild loyalty. So get Gaming!