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Guild Rules

Conduct we expect and you should demand.

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1. Most important: We play to have fun!

This guild is for pepole who enjoy playing the game without the urge to (for instance) grind all the way to level 60 and then whine - experience the game instead!

2. Honor and Respect.

Treat others with respect, especially other guild members. You don't have to like all of them but that is no reason to misbehave. This includes the Alliance - we are the horde so we will hunt them but that is no reason to take part in honorless ganking.

3. Guildchat is for Guild communications, not BS.

Don't ask if we like ice cream, sounds silly, but true. This does not mean we can not be social, please do be social, just keep it cool.

4. The real life rule.

As we all are mature players with ongoing real lifes (children, work, etc...). It is important to honor other players when they do need to attend to matters in real life even if it is on short notice in critical situations.

5. Play the game as it is intended.

No cheating or taking advantage of exploits will be accepted in any way. If we find out you will be banned and reported. In addition, your ethical conduct represents the entire guild. Keep it on the up and up!

6. When in doubt...

Don't hesitate to ask the guild master or a officer if you have any kind of game related question ... we will try to do our best.

Play the Game as a game.....

Support your guild mates, by helping them level up and by leveling up yourself ( make sense, not here to play for you)

Ethic's and morales!  Respect!

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