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Guild Processes


This page will outlines our internal guild processes... loot run's, Enchanters, donations system etc...

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Processes explained:

Magestri at work.


An account has been set up for our members to donate equiptment to. The guild master will review the donations and distribute them out to lower leveled characters. Items not used for guild members, are Dis-Enchanted and given to our senior Enchanters for guild enchants.

The account to send to is: GREGGORRIAN  and when you donate, I'll note it down so I can Chant you when you need.

To facilitate the growth of the guild, we will conduct loot runs and instance raids. These events will be sponsored and scheduled by the guild. The Loot will be set to master looter and an experienced Officer will control loot distrobution during the run.

We may make past editions of the newsletter available for download.