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Guild Dues Concept

Building a dynasty that will last, takes effort and trust.

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First and foremost, Dues are not mandatory.

I want to try a new concept for our guild.  As most of you know, when anyone is in need of gold, support or information, our guildmates are always there to assist an lend a hand. This is basically the foundation for our guild as a whole.

I would like to start a new, voluntary Guild Dues fund. I would never mandate anything like dues, but I think it would be nice to have a guild income to draw upon. Of course this is based on your trust in me as a player to do the right things with these funds. I hope over the past 9 months I have earned that trust.

By establishing a dues process, I can buy materials and recipes for enchants, and anything else we need as a guild.  So, I would like to propose that we pay weekly dues based on our ranks. 

30-40 1 gold a week 

41-50, 2 gold a week

51-60 3 gold a week

This will be voluntary of course and you can donate more or less as you see fit.  I have given more than 100 gold out to guild members in the past two weeks alone, out of my own account, so I intend to continue to do this into the future.  

The Guild bank is Magestribank, so start sending as soon as you can.  If you choose not to, that’s fine too. I will know who donates and who doesn't, so I will keep track so I use the gold on those who like ans support the idea.

We are growing into a major guild and with more than 100 accounts now, we should be able to do some good instance runs soon.

See you on the inside :-)



lvl 60 Frost Mage, Guild Master Magestri

The success or failure of our guild is our responsibility.

Questions or comments, email me at: